Friday, February 28, 2014

Black Stars is a KGB conspiracy

Ledoux. Fontenot. DeWall. Boudreaux. Olivier.

What do all these surnames have in common?
A. They are French.
B. They are engaged in something fucked up.

Here's what I think is happening:

During the Cold War, KGB started a covert program in Louisiana that targeted poor, vulnerable kids. They preferred people with French origins(for some reason).
They recruited influential people like Tuttle to help them in this cause.

Tuttle The Traitor started the Wellspring program whose aim was to replace the traditional education system with a procedural propaganda program that filled the minds of the children with some satanic occultish crap.
The target was to create sick, deranged individuals who would grow up and wreak havoc in the American society, eventually breaking it.
The group of children who undertook this program was called the "Black Stars".
They would remain underground for some time and when the time was right, come out in the open. The Black Stars would rise.

But the KGB dissolved in December, 1991.
Louisiana was the test site for their operation. But USSR became R and the Black Stars conspiracy got stuck in that area itself.
The Wellspring program followed suit and was soon stopped in 1992.

With no instructor or preacher, these deranged individuals tried to stick together for some time.
They killed Olivier when she tried to get out of it.
They killed Dora Lange when she tried too. To become a nun.
But they made an example out of Lange so that no one tried it again.

Now that the monster he created was out in the public, Tuttle came in with his own "Task Force" to do damage control.
But Rust got to one of the black stars, Ledoux. But Captain sMartyPants killed him before any sort of questioning could take place.
Now, the rest of the black stars are still out there, killing.
One day they'll come out and do some crazy ass shit that they call the "rising".
But till then, wheeeeee.

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