Monday, March 10, 2014

True Detective Explained

(TL;DR: the whole Tuttle family is a group of rapey, pedophilic, murdering psychopaths with a penchant for incest. They will be caught by other agencies as investigations follow up after the events of the finale.)

True Detective's last episode aired today.
It was pretty clear during the midst of the season that the show was centered around the psychs of the two leading men rather than being a full blown serial killer-cult mystery.

This is the reason why there are some people complaining that there are some loose ends that haven't been explained.
Like, what about the tape and the people in it? Were others involved and were they caught?

Well, let's just walk through everything we know and build up what could or couldn't have been.

We know that the Tuttle family is a bunch of crazy fucks.
Sam Tuttle, who is the father of Billy Lee Tuttle(the church guy) and uncle of Edwin Tuttle(the governor), is said to have been a total fucked up son of a bitch.
He's said to have exploited young children and that he only liked them once.
He also had many children out of wedlock.
One of them was Ted Childress, the Vermilion Parish Sheriff.
This Childress played down the Marie Fontenot disappearance by saying that the girl went away with her birth daddy.
Errol Childress is the son of Ted Childress and the grandson of Sam Tuttle.
But we do know from the tape that it's not true and she was raped by a group of five men who wear masks.

Guy Francis - the guy who had info on the Yellow King - killed himself in jail, a day after Rust interrogated him.a
He was driven into killing himself by a jail guard whose surname is - you guessed it right - "Childress".

We also know that all the children and women who disappeared and were killed had a connection with BL Tuttle's organisation.

So, what does it all mean?

Sam Tuttle is the main man behind everything.
He is the patriarch of this grizzly fucked up cult bullshit.
The 5 men are members of this family only. They will probably caught as the investigation by various agencies goes on after the events of the finale. Rust and Marty have done their part.
The 3 men our detectives did caught(Ledoux cousins and Errol) were products of this cult who rapes and sacrifices children but weren't directly involved in it or major players in it. What they did was scout and bring victims to Sam Tuttle and his partners and develop the drugs that the victims were induced with.

Here's the deal with Errol: He was exploited as a child. His father burnt his face. And he became the way he is now as a result of what he went through as a kid.

The murder and placement of Dora Lange is due to this itself.
Sam Tuttle and his other asshole partners had no hand in Dora's murder. In fact, such public depiction would even bring attention to their secret cult.
But Errol - who grew up and was abused in the fucked environment of the Tuttle family - developed a dark side of himself and started killing women and children too.
BL Tuttle, knowing that his asshole father would get caught because of his bastard brother's son's actions, came in with a task force to do damage control and cover up the case.
The were lucky that only Errol's acolytes - DeWall and Reggie - were caught and Errol went unscathed in 1995.

But what about Carcosa?
Carcosa, as shown in the last episode - is this isolated set of mazes where Sam Tuttle and others performed their rituals.
Errol was exposed to this place as a child and has been acting as a groundskeeper because grandpa Sam Tuttle is either too old or dead in 2012.
The Lake Charles depiction came some time after BL Tuttle killed himself.
Maybe old Billy was keeping a leash on Errol all this time and Errol repeated his 1995 behaviour after he was gone.

Okay, I have put up a lot in here and it could have been structured in a better way but whatever this isn't my job.

Here's a picture of all the major players to help you understand all this more properly:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

List Of Speculations About What Carcosa Is

True Detective is finally coming to an end and there are a lot of theories going on about what Carcosa actually is.
Here are some of the most popular theories:

Carcosa is death's doorstep

"That moment of acceptance and entrance into the realm of acceptance of their death, and it doesn't scare them anymore. For almost all the cult people, it is a Meth/lsd induced condition of acceptance of their impending doom."
This reddit thread explains that Carcosa isn't a physical place:

Carcosa is a chemical plant:

This reddit thread strengthens the Carcosa being a chemical plant theory:

Carcosa is behind the burned church:

This reddit thread compares excerpts from The King In Yellow and imagery during the end of episode 2 to geolocate Carcosa:

There's another theory that Carcosa is a set of underground mazes under Errol The Lawnmower's house.
The spiral on these bodies represents these mazes. And a spiral is actually a symbol used for specification among pedophiles.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Black Stars is a KGB conspiracy

Ledoux. Fontenot. DeWall. Boudreaux. Olivier.

What do all these surnames have in common?
A. They are French.
B. They are engaged in something fucked up.

Here's what I think is happening:

During the Cold War, KGB started a covert program in Louisiana that targeted poor, vulnerable kids. They preferred people with French origins(for some reason).
They recruited influential people like Tuttle to help them in this cause.

Tuttle The Traitor started the Wellspring program whose aim was to replace the traditional education system with a procedural propaganda program that filled the minds of the children with some satanic occultish crap.
The target was to create sick, deranged individuals who would grow up and wreak havoc in the American society, eventually breaking it.
The group of children who undertook this program was called the "Black Stars".
They would remain underground for some time and when the time was right, come out in the open. The Black Stars would rise.

But the KGB dissolved in December, 1991.
Louisiana was the test site for their operation. But USSR became R and the Black Stars conspiracy got stuck in that area itself.
The Wellspring program followed suit and was soon stopped in 1992.

With no instructor or preacher, these deranged individuals tried to stick together for some time.
They killed Olivier when she tried to get out of it.
They killed Dora Lange when she tried too. To become a nun.
But they made an example out of Lange so that no one tried it again.

Now that the monster he created was out in the public, Tuttle came in with his own "Task Force" to do damage control.
But Rust got to one of the black stars, Ledoux. But Captain sMartyPants killed him before any sort of questioning could take place.
Now, the rest of the black stars are still out there, killing.
One day they'll come out and do some crazy ass shit that they call the "rising".
But till then, wheeeeee.

(Be gentle in the comments section)

Exclusive scenes from unaired True Detective episodes

Someone's in trouble.

Someone's definitely in trouble.

Maggie slapping the shit out of Marty(?)
(Or have we seen this already?)

Yellow King's lair?

We have seen burning fields in the night.
This is new.

All these screengrabs are from the teasers and trailers already available.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Big Deception: It isn't about the murders!

We have been led to believe that there is a group of rich fucks that engages in "occult ritual murders" somewhere down south.
Cohle believes the same thing until he quits in 2002.
During the scene with the major in episode 6, Rust tells him that women and children have been disappearing and there's something fucked up happening.
The major asks one thing and Cohle shuts the fuck up:

Cohle is right. There have been many disappearances. Most of them go unnoticed. 
But if someone is killing them, where are the bodies?

The answer is this: the children and women who disappear aren't killed. They are trafficked!

We know that many rich fuckers are involved in this. And what do rich fuckers want? More money! (We already know that the sheriff had a share in the bunny ranch.)
So they run programs like Wellspring to identify poor, young, vulnerable victims.
They also sexually exploit the victims(e.g Audrey & the 5 men references) But they aren't responsible for the killings.

But what about Dora & Stephanie? They weren't trafficked. And who killed them?

Well, like every other rich fucker, these people too aren't used to doing their own work.
So they employ people like Ledoux. These people are responsible fot drugging and harassing the victims so that they are prepared for trafficking and they do it willingly.
But these henchmen of the rich fucks are also driven by their own satanic crap philosophy. They sacrifice and publicly display the victims in some sort of ritual of theirs.
Remember how Ledoux had no known family? I think there are more Ledouxs Ledouxing around even after Reggie died. The Ledouxs work for the rich fucks in exchange for children for themselves and protection.

Now, the rich fuckers don't want no attention to their trafficking business. 
But when their subordinates fuck up on the job, they do damage control by coming in wagging their dicks in the form of a task force.

Cohle sooner or later figures something is off. He realises that he can't solve the mystery by remaining in the police force that's already in the pockets and underwears of the rich fucks.

Now, this random shot that appears during the opening credits:

Trucks. Fucking trucks. Why not some other variety of vehicles? And what relation do they have to our story? We haven't seen anything in the first 6 episodes. But pretty sure that we'll see in the next two.

Now. A shot of Rust in 2012:

Now, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that this guy has been trucking. Or has trucked in the past.

He disappeared in 2002. Figure "the thing" out, trucked for a while. Returned. And is about to fuck every one responsible from behind (not Maggie, though).

What's the thing, though? 
The thing is that the trafficked people need to be transferred in some sort of vehicle.
This is where the trucks come in.
The trucks have been used for transferring the disappeared kids to other parts of the country.

This is why there are no bodies.

The cult bullshit has been propagated by the rich fucks as some sort of camouflage to hide their actual deeds.

(Ok. I know this theory sucks a lot and there are many unexplained things but whatever I don't have a job.)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

People Who Are Involved

Let's call these people "fucking wet noodle, whiskey dick, faggot fucks".
These people are involved somehow.

The most obvious suspect is Reverend Tuttle. Every thing seems to be leading up to this rich fucker. Maybe his Governor cousin is also involved. Or his cousin may actually be the ring leader.
What we do know is that this fucker is dead.
This is what I think happened:
Rust broke into his house in 2010. Recovered the tapes that he shows to Marty in the episode 7 trailer. Killed Tuttle after going through the heinous videos.
Or Tuttle just killed himself 'cause he figured that he was fucked now.

The second asshole everybody is sure of is Audrey's Grandpa.
Now Grandpa being a cultish son of a bitch is the only reason why Audrey makes that doll scene or draws those pictures or is promiscuous in her teens. She must have been exposed to the cult ring through her grandfather who passes the cult eligibility criteria of being a rich fucker.

Major Quesada. It doesn't really help him that this fucker's name translates to "king"(edit: it is actually a Noble name. Doesn't directly translate to "king").
He had little league trophies in his office. Fontenot's uncle was a pitcher. He must have met the girl through her uncle.
And influential old man around a kid who disappears? Dead giveaway. Deeaaaad giveaway.

I don't know this fucker's name but whenever something happens, or Rust pokes around the case, he hauls his ass to the Major's office like he left his balls there last night.
It happens when the case is first reported. It happens when Rust visits Tuttle 7 years later.
My guess is that this asshole is Tuttle's inside man. He doesn't let the cases get out to the public. But motherfucker you have Rusty Cohle at your hands now!

Is Cohle The Last Sacrifice?

I have been reading theories on Reddit for the last two hours and something has caught my eye.
I hope what I'm thinking is going to happen doesn't happen. But anyway, here we go:

Rianne Olivier is the first victim of the "rich fucks" that we know of.
She was found drowned. Water.

Now, the second victim we know of is the famous Dora Lange.
She was found kneeling to a tree. Earth.

The third victim we know of is Stephanie Kordish from Lake Charles.
She was found hanging. Air.

Three elements have been completed. Only fire is left.
Let's go back to the first scene of the first episode.

There are already theories that this scene is from the present day. And the two silhouettes we see seem to be Rust and Marty.
There's another thing. This screen grab from the show introduction:

Ledoux told Rust that he had seen him in his dreams. Now he's a junkie fucktard but maybe sacrificing Cohle has been a plan all along. The rich fucks discussed the Cohle plan but the junkie thought it was a dream. But he knew Cohle already, there's that.

Maybe this cult of the rich fucks forces the victims to do this or sacrifice themselves and Cohle will be forced to do the same at the end.
I know that there are other murdered women and kids too - as Cohle suggests. But these are the only bodies that have been found yet. Maybe there's a connection between the elements and the found bodies.

I don't know, this is just a theory. A shit theory at that. It's a long shot. I hope nothing like this happens.

I have some more theories which I'll be posting soon.