Sunday, March 9, 2014

List Of Speculations About What Carcosa Is

True Detective is finally coming to an end and there are a lot of theories going on about what Carcosa actually is.
Here are some of the most popular theories:

Carcosa is death's doorstep

"That moment of acceptance and entrance into the realm of acceptance of their death, and it doesn't scare them anymore. For almost all the cult people, it is a Meth/lsd induced condition of acceptance of their impending doom."
This reddit thread explains that Carcosa isn't a physical place:

Carcosa is a chemical plant:

This reddit thread strengthens the Carcosa being a chemical plant theory:

Carcosa is behind the burned church:

This reddit thread compares excerpts from The King In Yellow and imagery during the end of episode 2 to geolocate Carcosa:

There's another theory that Carcosa is a set of underground mazes under Errol The Lawnmower's house.
The spiral on these bodies represents these mazes. And a spiral is actually a symbol used for specification among pedophiles.

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