Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is Cohle The Last Sacrifice?

I have been reading theories on Reddit for the last two hours and something has caught my eye.
I hope what I'm thinking is going to happen doesn't happen. But anyway, here we go:

Rianne Olivier is the first victim of the "rich fucks" that we know of.
She was found drowned. Water.

Now, the second victim we know of is the famous Dora Lange.
She was found kneeling to a tree. Earth.

The third victim we know of is Stephanie Kordish from Lake Charles.
She was found hanging. Air.

Three elements have been completed. Only fire is left.
Let's go back to the first scene of the first episode.

There are already theories that this scene is from the present day. And the two silhouettes we see seem to be Rust and Marty.
There's another thing. This screen grab from the show introduction:

Ledoux told Rust that he had seen him in his dreams. Now he's a junkie fucktard but maybe sacrificing Cohle has been a plan all along. The rich fucks discussed the Cohle plan but the junkie thought it was a dream. But he knew Cohle already, there's that.

Maybe this cult of the rich fucks forces the victims to do this or sacrifice themselves and Cohle will be forced to do the same at the end.
I know that there are other murdered women and kids too - as Cohle suggests. But these are the only bodies that have been found yet. Maybe there's a connection between the elements and the found bodies.

I don't know, this is just a theory. A shit theory at that. It's a long shot. I hope nothing like this happens.

I have some more theories which I'll be posting soon.