Wednesday, February 26, 2014

People Who Are Involved

Let's call these people "fucking wet noodle, whiskey dick, faggot fucks".
These people are involved somehow.

The most obvious suspect is Reverend Tuttle. Every thing seems to be leading up to this rich fucker. Maybe his Governor cousin is also involved. Or his cousin may actually be the ring leader.
What we do know is that this fucker is dead.
This is what I think happened:
Rust broke into his house in 2010. Recovered the tapes that he shows to Marty in the episode 7 trailer. Killed Tuttle after going through the heinous videos.
Or Tuttle just killed himself 'cause he figured that he was fucked now.

The second asshole everybody is sure of is Audrey's Grandpa.
Now Grandpa being a cultish son of a bitch is the only reason why Audrey makes that doll scene or draws those pictures or is promiscuous in her teens. She must have been exposed to the cult ring through her grandfather who passes the cult eligibility criteria of being a rich fucker.

Major Quesada. It doesn't really help him that this fucker's name translates to "king"(edit: it is actually a Noble name. Doesn't directly translate to "king").
He had little league trophies in his office. Fontenot's uncle was a pitcher. He must have met the girl through her uncle.
And influential old man around a kid who disappears? Dead giveaway. Deeaaaad giveaway.

I don't know this fucker's name but whenever something happens, or Rust pokes around the case, he hauls his ass to the Major's office like he left his balls there last night.
It happens when the case is first reported. It happens when Rust visits Tuttle 7 years later.
My guess is that this asshole is Tuttle's inside man. He doesn't let the cases get out to the public. But motherfucker you have Rusty Cohle at your hands now!

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