Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Big Deception: It isn't about the murders!

We have been led to believe that there is a group of rich fucks that engages in "occult ritual murders" somewhere down south.
Cohle believes the same thing until he quits in 2002.
During the scene with the major in episode 6, Rust tells him that women and children have been disappearing and there's something fucked up happening.
The major asks one thing and Cohle shuts the fuck up:

Cohle is right. There have been many disappearances. Most of them go unnoticed. 
But if someone is killing them, where are the bodies?

The answer is this: the children and women who disappear aren't killed. They are trafficked!

We know that many rich fuckers are involved in this. And what do rich fuckers want? More money! (We already know that the sheriff had a share in the bunny ranch.)
So they run programs like Wellspring to identify poor, young, vulnerable victims.
They also sexually exploit the victims(e.g Audrey & the 5 men references) But they aren't responsible for the killings.

But what about Dora & Stephanie? They weren't trafficked. And who killed them?

Well, like every other rich fucker, these people too aren't used to doing their own work.
So they employ people like Ledoux. These people are responsible fot drugging and harassing the victims so that they are prepared for trafficking and they do it willingly.
But these henchmen of the rich fucks are also driven by their own satanic crap philosophy. They sacrifice and publicly display the victims in some sort of ritual of theirs.
Remember how Ledoux had no known family? I think there are more Ledouxs Ledouxing around even after Reggie died. The Ledouxs work for the rich fucks in exchange for children for themselves and protection.

Now, the rich fuckers don't want no attention to their trafficking business. 
But when their subordinates fuck up on the job, they do damage control by coming in wagging their dicks in the form of a task force.

Cohle sooner or later figures something is off. He realises that he can't solve the mystery by remaining in the police force that's already in the pockets and underwears of the rich fucks.

Now, this random shot that appears during the opening credits:

Trucks. Fucking trucks. Why not some other variety of vehicles? And what relation do they have to our story? We haven't seen anything in the first 6 episodes. But pretty sure that we'll see in the next two.

Now. A shot of Rust in 2012:

Now, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that this guy has been trucking. Or has trucked in the past.

He disappeared in 2002. Figure "the thing" out, trucked for a while. Returned. And is about to fuck every one responsible from behind (not Maggie, though).

What's the thing, though? 
The thing is that the trafficked people need to be transferred in some sort of vehicle.
This is where the trucks come in.
The trucks have been used for transferring the disappeared kids to other parts of the country.

This is why there are no bodies.

The cult bullshit has been propagated by the rich fucks as some sort of camouflage to hide their actual deeds.

(Ok. I know this theory sucks a lot and there are many unexplained things but whatever I don't have a job.)

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